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Each family we serve has its own unique and special needs. That's why we strive to offer wide ranges of products and services, and why we listen to your wishes and desires when arranging a funeral for your loved one. We know that greater satisfaction comes when you and your family chooses exactly the type of services you desire.


We are in complete compliance with the Federal Trade Commission and Massachusetts State Laws regarding full and complete disclosures. All of our goods and services are itemized in our General Price List allowing you to select only those items you wish or you mat select from several packages of services. No matter what you select, IT IS YOUR RIGHT , and our desire that you have as complete an understanding as possible regarding the goods and services and the costs of those selected. You will be given a complete itemized Statement of Goods & Services upon the completion of the arrangement conference.

South Coast Funeral Service is family owned and operated. Director William J. Allen is available seven days a week and are committed to providing the personal attention and care you deserve when planning a service to memorialize a loved one. See Our Home Here

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